Dr.Phil.Show 2018/05/22 Jilly Juice Claims to Cure Cancer, Regrow Missing Limbs

https://vimeo.com/271400651!.?.!Jilly Juice: Claims to Cure Cancer, Regrow Missing Limbs and Reverse Aging: Is This a Dangerous Scam? Jillian asserts she developed a juice that can treat any condition and also disease from A-Z, as well as can assist you live up until you are 400 years of ages. She claims “Jilly Juice”can likewise possibly regrow missing limbs and also body organs. Angie claims she provides the juice to her whole family, as well as claims it
has treated her 12-year-old little girl’s ADD/ADHD and also minimized the intensity of her 4-year-old child’s autism. Brigitte also asserts the juice is a”miracle”remedy that cleared her psoriasis. Jillian declares “Jilly Juice”can also heal Dr. Phil’s kind 2 diabetes. Figure out what Dr. Phil has to say regarding that. Karin and also Mikki declare Jillian’s cure-all juice provided them violent diarrhea as well as triggered both of them to have a stroke. Karin says when they grumbled to Jillian about the side results of her juice, Jillian called her a”anxiety monger”and blocked her from her on-line group. As well as find out what a medical professional Dr. Phil producers called says concerning Jillian’s cases.

“It’s the missing B12 stupid” – Sally Pacholok the movie

https://vimeo.com/153364831!.?.!True Story; It is the year 2000. Nurse

Sally Pacholok is attempting to educate the clinical facility– that folate and also B12 have a shared metabolic rate as well as needs to function with each other. Sally:” A baby’s brain can’t expand in a healthy and balanced way without B12 and folate. And it’s untenable not to examine for B12.” Folic-acid-only treatments remedy the anemia of B12 deficiency in mommies, who go undiagnosed, that pass B12 deficiency on their children. Sally satisfies increasingly more infants and mommies presenting with signs and also symptoms of B12 shortage, but medical professionals will not evaluate them. They are being classified with autism and sent out for costly treatments that do not brimming B12. B12 shortage left neglected causes permanent mind injuries.

High homocysteine and also high methylmalonic acid are signs of B12 shortage. http://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2014/february2014/pediatric-vitamin-b12-deficiency-when-autism-isnt-autism

Miss June – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog

https://vimeo.com/221948704!.?.!’I Don’t Wan na Be Your Dog’ by Miss June Animated by Dr D Foothead
Buy Bandcamp: https://missjune.bandcamp.com/ itunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/nz/album … Listen Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/missjuneband Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/3fiHDJn … Follow Facebook: https://facebook.com/missjunenz

BFH: A Child Goes Missing

https://vimeo.com/162277464!.?.!Through the support of Leadership Shelby County and also Video Visions, Blanket Fort Hope is pleased to launch its initial human trafficking avoidance education and learning video clip! We are permanently happy to Shelby County, Alabama for capturing the vision to aid inform this tale. This video clip was made by Alabamians for our youngsters and youth. The horrific crime of human trafficking is attacking the youngsters of Alabama, along with kids throughout the United States and world. As communities, we must inform ourselves and also our youngsters regarding human trafficking so that we can determine the signs and also safely intervene. We really hope that this video clip will certainly help educate households and pupils about the realities of this criminal activity. Our kids are worth fighting for, as well as there is expect them when we companion with each other! If you are interested in revealing or displaying this video clip for academic objectives, please get in touch with Blanket Fort Hope.

Early Intervention: The Missing Link

https://vimeo.com/44045059!.?.!Go to http://aslized.org/ei/ Researched and also signed by Rachel Benedict

. Produced by ASLized English version is available at http://aslized.org/files/2011/12/EIMissingLinkTranscription.pdf. British Sign Language is available at http://deafparentsdeafchildren.co.uk/early-intervention-for-deaf-children-bsl-audio-versions/. Korean Sign Language is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgE2T8fOhc4. American Society for Deaf Children Hands & Voices National Association of the Deaf EHDI by State Benedict, B.( 2010, July). Early intervention needs your involvement.

Discussion given at National Association of the Deaf Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Hintermair, M. (2000). Hearing disability, social media networks, and also coping: the demand for households with hearing-impaired kids to connect to various other moms and dads and to hearing-impaired adults. American Annals of the Deaf, 145( 1), 41-54. Sass-Lehrer, M. (2008, Mar.). Early Intervention for children Birth to 3: Families, Communities, & Communication. EHDI eBook Chapter 7.

THE MISSING PIECE | E1 “Assurance”

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It’s not here. It is not missing. Uncut user test

https://vimeo.com/8882956!.?.!This is an uncut video clip of a customer test

of the interactive installment”It’s not here. It is not missing “.