Clip | Miss Kittin “Bassline”

Nous retrouvons Miss Kittin, à la shape fluorescente, qui se déchaîne sur une piste de danse noire et illuminée par un couché de soleil étincelant. Un jeu d’ombre et de lumière envahit ce decoration de fête.
Réalisé par Andrew Woodhead, Miss Kittin a tourné ce clip derrière un fond vert. Mikros Image est heureux d’avoir réalisé les effets visuels( mosaic, compositing, graphisme …). Manufacturing: 75 Réalisateur: Andrew Woodhead Post-production: Anne Ségrettin Equipe

Mikros photo Superviseur 2D: Vincent Venchiarutti Graphistes: Jérémy Wulff, Maxime Cordier, Quentin Letout Mosaic: Alexa Marie Jeanne Chargée de projet: Charlotte Brisebarre

First Trial Begins in Death of Missing Georgia Teacher

First Trial Begins in Death of Missing Georgia Teacher

More than 13 years after a south Georgia high school teacher and one-time beauty queen vanished without a trace, a trial has begun for a man charged with concealing her body and lying to police.

Man Dies in Swollen California River; Girl Missing

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Until Honeymoon We Do Part

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2 Rescued, 1 Missing After Louisiana Tug Capsizes

2 Rescued, 1 Missing After Louisiana Tug Capsizes

The captain of a tug boat is missing but two crew members were rescued after the vessel capsized in the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Searchers Recover Black Box Recorder of Missing Alaska Plane

Searchers have recovered the black box recorder of an air ambulance that disappeared in Alaska with three people on board in January, the owners of the aircraft said Tuesday.

Search Continues on Navajo Nation for Missing 3-Year-Old

A search continued Saturday along the San Juan River on the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation for a 3-year-old girl missing since late Thursday.