The ICA: Richmond’s Missing Piece

Spread the love!.?.!Our good friend Lisa Freiman, recently assigned inaugural director of the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, asked us to develop an anthem video clip that would certainly be utilized as a fundrising device to assist get the gallery built and also the endowment funded. In this complete five-minute edit we utilized a spectrum of meetings as well as a range of images from the city to inform a story of concentric circles: ICA, VCU, Richmond, Virginia, the Eastern Seaboard, the USA, the globe … But the finest component of this was collaborating with the pupils from a sculpture foundation course and also their professor to produce a design of the gallery that morphs into a making of Steven Holl’s gorgeous building. The job was truly home-grown and also we came away with a deep appreciation for Richmond, VCU, their faculty, team as well as pupils.

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