Police Confirm Missing Utah Girl's Body Has Been Found

Police Confirm Missing Utah Girl’s Body Has Been Found

A body found after a five-day search is that of a 5-year-old girl taken from her home and killed by her uncle, Utah police confirmed on Thursday.

Hungary Needs Extended Search for 21 Missing in Boat Sinking

As divers descended Friday into the Danube, Hungarian authorities predicted it would take an extended search to find the 21 people still missing after a boat carrying South Korean tourists was rammed by a cruise ship and sank into the river in Bud…

The Latest: Body Believed to Be Missing Utah Girl Us Found

The Latest on a Utah man charged with killing his 5-year-old niece (all times local):

Trump Offers ‘Rogue Killers’ Theory for Missing Saudi Journalist

Trump Offers ‘Rogue Killers’ Theory for Missing Saudi Journalist

President Trump said that during his conversation with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the king denied any knowledge about the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.

Japanese Journalist, Missing in Syria Since 2015, Appears in New Video

Jumpei Yasuda is believed to have been taken captive by the extremist group Nusra Front, which has a history of holding foreign hostages for ransom.

‘Bachelor’ Contestant Was Reported Missing in November, but She’s Been in Plain Sight

Rebekah Martinez, 22, was still considered missing in California until a newspaper reader recognized her on a list of missing people on Thursday.

For the U.S. Open, It’s 40 Years in Flushing Meadows, and Still Missing Forest Hills

For the U.S. Open, It’s 40 Years in Flushing Meadows, and Still Missing Forest Hills

The New York spirit of the U.S. Open, born at the West Side Tennis Cub, took on a rowdier form at the National Tennis Center.

What Has New York Pizza Been Missing? Little Old Rhode Island

Violet, in the East Village, cooks its pies on a grill in a style originated in Providence. Don’t laugh.

California Searchers Find Woman’s Body and Items Belonging to Missing Family

Four family members were reported missing during a road trip after a car was seen going into a swollen river. Relatives in India pleaded for help.

30 Dead, 200 Missing After Boat Sinking on Congo Lake

30 Dead, 200 Missing After Boat Sinking on Congo Lake

Authorities in western Congo say at least 30 people are dead and another 200 are missing after a boat sank on a lake.

7 Dead, 21 Missing After SKorean Tour Boat Sinks in Hungary

Rescue crews in Hungary’s capital were preparing to raise a sightseeing boat from the bottom of the Danube River Thursday as search teams scoured the waters for 21 people missing after the vessel, packed with South Korean tourists, collided with a…

Cash, Food and Health Care All Help the Poor, but Something’s Still Missing

In a remote village in Paraguay, indigenous people are gaining hope and leaving poverty. The approach would work in rich nations, too.

Tech Is Vital Element in Search for Missing Hawaii Woman

Tech Is Vital Element in Search for Missing Hawaii Woman

Technology is becoming a vital element in the search for a woman who went missing in a rural Hawaii forest.

Man Missing After Boats Collide on Eastern Missouri River

Search crews are looking for an eastern Missouri man after two boats collided on a river in eastern Missouri.

Authorities Continue Search for Missing 5-Year-Old Utah Girl

Federal and county authorities continue to search for a missing 5-year-old girl in the northern Utah town of Logan.

Rape investigation

Rape investigation is the procedure to gather facts about a suspected rape, including forensic identification of a perpetrator, type of rape and other details.

The vast majority of rapes are committed by persons known to the victim: only between five and 15 percent of assaults are perpetrated by a stranger.[1] Therefore, the identity of the perpetrator is frequently reported. Biological evidence such as semen, blood, vaginal secretions, saliva, vaginal epithelial cells may be identified and genetically typed by a crime lab. The information derived from the analysis can often help determine whether sexual contact occurred, provide information regarding the circumstances of the incident, and be compared to reference samples collected from patients and suspects.[2] Medical personnel in many countries collect evidence for potential rape cases by using rape kits. The time it takes to have rape kits processed has been criticized.[3]


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Perpetrator identification[edit]

DNA profiling[edit]

Further information: DNA profiling

DNA profiling is used by crime laboratories for testing biological evidence, most commonly by means of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which allows analysis of samples of limited quality and quantity by making millions of copies. An advanced form of PCR testing called short tandem repeats (STR) generates a DNA profile that can be compared to DNA from a suspect or a crime scene. Blood, buccal (inner cheek) swabbings or saliva should also be collected from victims to distinguish their DNA from that of suspects.[2]

Criminals may plant fake DNA samples at crime scenes. In one case Dr. John Schneeberger, who raped one of his sedated patients and left semen on her underwear, surgically inserted a Penrose drain into his arm and filled it with foreign blood and anticoagulants. Police drew what they believed to be Schneeberger’s blood and compared DNA on three occasions without a match.

Circumstances and type of rape[edit]

Abrasions, bruises and lacerations on the victim help elucidate how a rape was carried out. 8 to 45 percent of victims show evidence of external trauma, most commonly at the mouth, throat, wrists, arms, breasts and thighs: trauma to these sites comprise approximately two thirds of injuries, while trauma to the vagina and perineum account for approximately 20 percent.[4]

Recent coitus can be determined by performing a vaginal wet-mount microscopy examination (or oral/anal if indicated) for detection of motile sperm, which are seen on the slide if less than three hours have elapsed since ejaculation. However, only one-third of sexual assaults result in ejaculation into a body orifice.[4] Further, the alleged assailant may have had a vasectomy or have experienced sexual dysfunction (roughly 50 percent of assailants suffer from impotence or ejaculatory dysfunction).[4] In addition, acid phosphatase levels in high concentrations is a good indicator of recent coitus. Acid phosphatase is found in prostatic secretions and activity decreases with time and is usually absent after 24 hours.[4] Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) may be detected within a 48-hour period. The seminal fluid of vasectomized men also contains a significant PSA level. Nonmotile sperm may be detected even beyond 72 hours after intercourse depending on staining techniques.[4]

It was held by the Chandhigarh High Court [India] as reported in 2006 Volume No. [2] Name of Legal Monthly Publication -Acquittal Page No. 199 – Chandhigarh High Court – Dilip Rao sahib Deshmukh, J. – Bablu @ Uday Vs. State of Chandhigarh – Criminal Appeal No. 412 of 2006 – Decided on 27.7.2006 – Where in a rape case doctor’s found hymen intact, merely because doctors stated that partial penetration was possible, no such inference could be drawn in favor of the prosecution and the conviction in the rape case was set aside by the High Court.

See also[edit]

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