The Bug – ‘Mi Lost’ ft. Miss Red

The video clip was fired in Haifa City with the

help and support as well as assistance local crew. The Inspiration behind the track and also video
is the feeling of living and as well as a part of the small community Haifa( a sleepy and almost practically disregarded in the north of Israel) but wanting desiring extra life.

I’m Missing!.?.!STARRING. Rosey Tyler as Mallory Johnson
. Marc Hazel as Jack-Artist.
Shelix as Roommate 1.
Dexter Ico as Roommate 2
. Jenn Hardy as Commuter.
Directed by Manu.

Manufacturer -Sofia Stefou. Assistant Producer- Sasha Soeterik. Cinematography- Alva Egan.
Editor – Joanna Su.
Aide Editor -Veronica Rouby. Author -David Tanton.

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Colombia Ex-Rebels Join Quest to Find Nation’s Missing

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As well as when they pass away, they continue to be unidentified: 4,311 in the Gauteng province in between 2014 and 2017. A whole lot of the bodies end up in a mortuary in Hillbrow, the nation’s busiest morgue, with 3,000 bodies being checked out every year. When undocumented travelers pass away as well as nobody claims their body, their deaths are not counted in any national or willful tally.

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One Missing After Flash Flooding Rages Through Community Near Baltimore

The flooding struck Ellicott City, Md., on Sunday, nearly two years after a similar catastrophe struck. “I just don’t think I can start all over again,” a business owner said.

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