Miss Garrison: “Hey Simio”

Es algo de lo que ofrece Miss Garrison, esta banda chilena que además otorga una dosis de psicodelia en sus tonalidades. Francisca Straube, Matías López y Tomás Rivera formaron la agrupación que en septiembre de 2010 teloneó a Crystal Castles en Chile, situación que vino a confirmar el surgimiento de una nueva apuesta para el rock del país andino. Antes de eso, en el mes de abril, y bajo el alero del sello Oveja Negra, los capitalinos lanzaron su primer y único álbum de estudio bautizado como” Tire y empuje “, el cual consta de 12 pistas de las cuales destaca” Plastic Señorita “, “Ivanna X” y” Tu no sabes nada “que explican en breves minutos la sintonía de esta agrupación que mezcla guitarras estridentes y sonidos sintetizados.

Man Charged in Death of Wife Who Went Missing in 1981

Man Charged in Death of Wife Who Went Missing in 1981

A Pennsylvania man has been charged in the death of his wife who went missing nearly 40 years ago.

Scores Missing, 13 Dead in Congo Boat Accident: President

Thirteen people are dead and 142 still missing from a passenger boat that sank this week on Lake Kivu in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the president said on Thursday.

More Charges for Man Accused of Claiming to Be Missing Child

A federal grand jury indictment that was filed Thursday accuses an Ohio man who claimed to be a missing child from Illinois of lying to federal agents and of identity theft.

The Death Set – I Miss You Beau Velasco

https://vimeo.com/61440767!.?.!Years in the production, the video for” I Miss You Beau Velasco “off our 2011 document “Michel Poiccard” (Ninja Tune/ Counter Records) is lastly full. It would be impossible to make a video that would completely envelop our love for our lost band companion and also friend Beau Velasco. He was an inspiration to us and also to numerous. The process was exceptionally hard, yet one we had
to launch. It is really vital to us that he be remembered. If they would such as to show up in the video, we asked as many people as feasible that were close to Beau. Numerous pals as well as family from all over the globe took part, from The Gold Coast and also Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, Baltimore and also New York City. Musicians and also artists you may recognize include Spank

Rock, XXXChange, Santigold, Japanther, Best Fwends, Roofeeo( TELEVISION on the Radio/ The Death Set), High Places, Dan Deacon, Trouble Andrew and also Vice Cooler( XBRX ). A substantial, remarkable thanks to every person involved. A special thanks to supervisor and editor Jay Buim The video was a substantial endeavor and a big amount of job. Words can not express our gratitude. Director/editor- Jay Buim.

DP – Kyle Repka Extra video clip:.
Nathan Smith.
Craig Elrod.
Claudio Kirac.
Leonie Savvides.
Dalton Blanco.
Scott Ross.
Jay Buim
Mary Pearson
Rob Barber.
Johnny Siera.
Extra Live Footage:. Claudio Kirac.

Colin Devin Moore. Computer Animation – Amber B Dianda.
Colorist – Irving Harvey.
Brownish-yellow B Dianda.
Tod Seelie.
Rebecca Smeyne.
Simon Lovelace.
Ed Zipco.
Johnny Siera.
Carleton Banks.

Cast (in order of look).
Ideal Fwends (Dustin Pilkington, Anthony Davis), Native – Vincent Van Horne, Johnny Siera, Dan Walker, Ella Parons, Charles Parsons, Jahphet “Roofeeo” Landis (TELEVISION on the Radio/ The Death Set), Joseph “JK5” Ari Aloi (Daredevil Tattoo), Clinton Parsons, Leonie Savvides, Vice Cooler (XBRX), Carla Parsons, Steven Edson, Mark Duckworth, Benji Phillips, Simon Ponnusamy (AM Eyewear), Emily “Rabbit” McDonough, High Places (Rob Barber, Mary Pearson), Japanther (Ian Vanek, Matt Reilly), David Andler, Rob Girardi, Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan), Sofia Szamosi and Breakfast, Emily Elizabeth Holler, Phoenix “Benoot” Elizabeth Holler, Dan Deacon, Jay Buim, Dan Morris, Claudio Kirac, Peter O’ Connell, Othelo Gervacio, Jocelyn Wilkerson, Kevin Kearney, Jah Brown (Ninjasonik), Jessica Lee Wertz, Jason Urick, Alex “XXXChange” Epton, Scott Lowe, Trevor “Trouble Andrew” Andrew and also Santi “Sanitgold” White, Beau The Dog, Tod Seelie.