Missing Chords

https://vimeo.com/217116477!.?.!Aria, a hard rock enthusiast, is readied to perform in the upcoming talent program. Much to her dismay, her moms and dads have her smarten upped in the most standard clothing with an acoustic guitar in hand. Come outset, Aria determines to play her own song. My thesis film completed in the School of Visual Arts.

Can not thank my terrific colorist Phui Jing Ling enough! SO delighted to lastly share it. Please enjoy!

Miss Schweiz

My first trip to Switzerland was unbelievable. I fell in love completely with the climbing, the scenery, and the lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to have good friends there to share the whole experience with!

Climbers in order of appearance: Brooks Walker, Kasia Pietras, Jimmy Webb, Fabian Buhl, Meagan Martin

Shell Launches $25 Billion Buyback Plan, Second-Quarter Profits Miss

Shell Launches $25 Billion Buyback Plan, Second-Quarter Profits Miss

Royal Dutch Shell launched a long-anticipated $25 billion (19 billion pounds) share buyback programme on Thursday as its debt eased while second quarter profits came in far below forecasts.

Miss You: Candy Hearts Company Plant Abruptly Closes

The owner of the company behind chalky, colorful confections such as Necco Wafers and Sweethearts has unexpectedly shut down operations at its Massachusetts plant and hasn’t said if candy production will resume.

Boulder Falls From Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Barely Missing Worshipper

An elderly worshipper had a close call on Monday when a 100-kg (220 lb) stone suddenly fell from Jerusalem’s Western Wall and crashed at her feet.

Ed Atkins Interview: Something is Missing

Ed Atkins is considered one of the most unsettling contemporary artists – as well as one of the most exciting. In this video, the young British artist shares how he works from written texts, and why melancholy is at the centre of his animated digital videos.

“I wanted to make videos that spoke a lot about the way that they were made, so that you never forgot the thing that you were looking at.” The holistic approach to making videos appeals to Atkins, who likes the fact that you don’t have to decide on one single thing – you can write, perform, add music and animation as you please. Moreover, he feels that he chose the path of art, as “it’s the only place that I can imagine that I can bring all of these things together on my own in a room.”

“Building up an animation, for me, is not that different to building up a sentence – building up a narrative.” Atkins feels that writing – with its grammar and syntax – is at the root of how he creates his work. Language is the way he thinks, so “often an image will come out in the form of language, and that image will become manifest in the video.”

The characters in Atkins’ video works are “born dead” and “generated from emptiness”: “There’s something missing from that world, and from the characters that are in that world. The thing that is missing sort of defines it.” Loss, insufficiency, inability, failure and in particular melancholy play a great role in Atkins work, and are feelings that Atkins considers “the absolute bedrock of making things.”

Ed Atkins (b. 1982) is a British artist whose oeuvre consists largely of photography and digital videos in which he incorporates computer-generated characters – CGI avatars – and scenes as a means to explore the ways in which digital forms of representation can create new versions of reality. The avatar protagonist often delivers poetic soliloquies addressed to the viewer, which is symptomatic of the fact that Atkins’ video works often are derived from text and in particular poetry. Atkins has had solo exhibitions at prominent venues such as Tate Britain in London, MoMA PS1 in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Kunsthalle Zürich. In 2012 he performed the critically acclaimed ‘Depression’ at the Serpentine Memory Marathon. Atkins lives in Berlin.

Ed Atkins was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner in Berlin in October 2017.

Camera: Klaus Elmer
Edited by: Klaus Elmer
Produced by: Marc-Christoph Wagner
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2017

Supported by Nordea-fonden

Atletico Can Still Shine Despite Missing Regulars Says Simeone

Atletico Can Still Shine Despite Missing Regulars Says Simeone

Atletico Madrid arrived in Singapore for a pre-season tournament missing a raft of first team players who were involved in the latter stages of the World Cup, but coach Diego Simeone believes their absence presents a chance for youngsters to shine…

Laos Dam Disaster Leaves 24 Dead, Scores Missing

Rescuers searched Wednesday for scores of villagers left missing when part of a newly built hydroelectric dam broke in southeastern Laos, flooding the surrounding countryside and killing at least 24 people, officials said.

Dozens Feared Dead, Rescuers Search for Missing After Laos Dam Collapse

Rescuers searched in difficult conditions on Wednesday for dozens of people feared dead and hundreds missing after a dam collapsed in a remote part of land-locked Laos, one of Asia’s poorest countries, a government official said.

Three Wealthy Women and Their Venetian Mansion

Three Wealthy Women and Their Venetian Mansion

Judith Mackrell’s “The Unfinished Palazzo” traces the lives of its 20th-century owners: Marchesa Luisa Casati, Lady Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim.

Three Climate Updates You Might Have Missed (and One We Did, Too)

This week, we’re talking about the surprises hidden in the spending bill; one thing that the president’s new hires have in common; and a court hearing on climate that we didn’t witness.

In a Thriller About Girlfriends, Which Femme Is Fatale?

The quiet menace thrumming just below the surface of Christine Mangan’s debut, “Tangerine,” evokes Patricia Highsmith’s psychological thrillers.