THE MOMENTS I MISS!.?.!THE MOMENTS I MISS( FRENCH SUBTITLES). Avec: Bambi Northwood-Blyth et Yaniss Lespert. De: Thibaut Buccellato( D’après un texte original de: Keisha Blair( 3ème partie de la” Trilogie de la privacy “.

The room Between Us: The Universe And Me:
La perte de l’être aimé à travers le respect de Keisha Blair. Merci à Keisha Blair, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, à toute l’équipe qui
a rendu ce projet possible.

Scénario: Thibaut Buccellato. Maquilleuse Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Sun Seo.
Enregistrement Voix Off et Mixage son: Jean-Marc Thurier. Étalonnage: Clément Arenou et Yves Rollet.
Remerciements: Stéphane Leguay, Juliette Lebeault, Laurence Vasseur & Coralie Le Guernec( Hiventy ), RVZ, Andrea Besson, Nathalie Catanzano, Jean-Marc Thurier( TwoT Studio). Shot on 16mm. Thibaut Buccellato ©- 2019.

Ultra-wide UltraPan8 film called “my memories of her are missing”!.?.!I present my very first filmic”illustration”using the UltraPan8 movie style. The brief movie is called”my memories of her are missing out on”. UltraPan8 is a native 2.8:1 spherical ultrawide movie format utlizing crossbreed Bolex H8/H16 electronic cameras. 1. The style utilizes 2-perf R8mm film that is 16mm broad as well as the 1/2 pulldown of the 8mm entrance. 2. Running time is increased loved one to standard 16mm filmstock
as there are 80 UltraPan8 frames per 16mm foot in contrast to 40. 3. Requirement 16mm optics provided complete insurance coverage optically focused.
4. The”imaging”area is raised by 90-100%Relative to 8mm/S8 movie.
5. This movie is a modified version of the 1700×600 DIVX removal from the master 2080x870x24 consecutive jpegs.