Red Miss Take!.?.!Hi all. Red Miss Take is our graduation task at Albert Jacquard university college, done by me as well as my schoolmate Manuel Adams. Credit scores: Raimond Teilis( Concept/Design,

Storyboard, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, SFX, Montage Manuel Adams Lightning, Render, VFX, Postwork, Modeling
, Texturing, Animation Music by David Jean’s Nokerman Software program used: 3ds Max, Vray, FumeFX, Realflow, Fusion, Soundforge, Vegas, PhotoShop

FX Show Reel 2015!.?.!Updated FX reel with job from Unit Image

, Digital District, Illumination MacGuff, … Still missing some pieces from the minions ‘marketing yet hi delight in! A lot more information at

I Miss Drugs-Episode 2-“Simple Human”

Created by Nathaniel Boggess and Jason Eksuzian
Starring Nathaniel Boggess and Micki Grover
Song: “Pretty Girl” by Romeo+Juliet used with permission
Check out Romeo+Juliet here:

Missing Parts

My entry for the yafaray contest 2012

rendered with Yafaray (
post produced and edited in Blender 2.62 (, GIMP 2.6.11 ( and Audacity (


“Classic Horror 1” – Kevin MacLeod (
“Classic Horror 3” – Kevin MacLeod (
“The House of Leaves” – Kevin MacLeod (
“Hooked” – Sekshun8 (

Sound Effects : (recorded by klankbeeld, erh, clammyhands, rhumphries and freqman)

Direct Insurance – The missing month!.?.!Credits:. Director: Rani


Innovative Director: Nir Ginat. Project Manager: Michal Forti. Tale Board: Nir Hirschfeld
. Art: Ayana Nissan.
Modeling: Dan Chekanov. Rig & fur: Matan Halberstat. Impacts and Morphing: Aviv Bar-Ami. Animation: Rongo Geva, Elyakim Drori. Make: Yevgeni Krachak.
Compositing: Rotem Tsulker
, Roiy Nitzan.

Chevrolet – Missed Opportunities!.?.!Directed by Nacho Gayan– Have you ever before questioned exactly what’s the place where all the things you did not do go? Currently, exactly what is the wardrobe, the warehouse for those chances you did not absorb your life? Chevrolet recognizes, and enjoys to offer you a stroll around all those possibilities you allow fly away from you. Place on your own in the hands of this old curator, and also have a look at the journey you never made, that scuba diving training course you could not ultimately take, or that beautiful girl that might have been the mother of your children. From currently on, no much more missed opportunities.

Missing – Mandelbulb 3D and Groboto Fractal Animation!.?.!This motion picture has actually been created by Arthur

Stammet in May 2016 for the Annual Fractal Art Competition 2016. 3 types of digital footage have actually been incorporated for this flick: a meteor fileld produced with Visions of mayhem, two rotating crawlers made with Groboto and also a fractal world provided in Mandelbulb 3D. All these aspects have been united as well as layered in Premiere and grasped with some Filmora impacts. The soundtrack is an electronic composition, produced by the author in november 2014. Its title”Die Elements”(The components )describes what it has to do with: the 4 aspects (fire, earth, wind as well as water ), checked out acoustically while one of our crawlers flies through the fractal heart of a meteor, anticipating to be able to join its lost companion, missed out on because the first crash.