Miss Gray – Making Of – VFX Breakdown

The making of “Miss Gray” https://vimeo.com/69825859
the brand new video from Steevo & Soundshaker http://www.djsteevo.com/
NuJazz Records http://www.nujazz.it/
DOP – Editing by Alessandro Moglie
CG – VFX – Color Grade by Tommaso Malaisi
music by Steevo & Soundshaker – Miss Gray (Ticino Jazz Version – NuJazz Records)

BLINK, and yule miss it!

https://vimeo.com/33803570!.?.!Oh, it’s that time of year again … Here’s a little something we did to want you all the most effective for this vacation season!Happy Holidays from BLINK! BLINK, as well as yule miss it! http://www.blinkmediaworks.com/jinglebells/

Raven & Crow “The Missing Nuts” (CARTOON PILOT)

https://vimeo.com/jothstudio/ravenandcrow!.?.!After years of offering as lowly infantryman for the Corvidae Family, a powerful eastern coast criminal activity organization, wise-guy Raven persuades his side-kick Crow to start out on their own as well as get their hands on an item of the activity. The only problem is, taking from the Avian Mafia is never a good idea.

Miss Daisy Cutter (3D Stereoscopic – Trailer)

” Miss Daisy Cutter” is an animated brief film by Laen Sanches including “Nux Vomica” by The Veils.
, if Walt Disney took some negative acid this is what his trip would look like.. Do not claim you weren’t advised.

★ About:
My goal with this job was to experiment with a non-narrative narration process. I wished to produce a moving art work composed of uncommon visuals– in the kind of a collage of harsh computer animated illustrations as well as scribblings. I additionally wanted to reinterpret some of the archetypes of the psychedelic-pop-rock-punk visuals of the 60s as well as 70s and also the result to be clashing visual art designs with a strong sensation of crafted artworks in between paint, etching, comics, manga and also dealing at some point with abstract shapes.

To make points more fascinating, I decided to experiment with a different means of working. As well as due to the fact that it still had not been made complex enough, I likewise desired to bring depth into it somehow, as well as worked with the 3rd dimension in order to funkify the viewer’s assumption as well as shock his mind.

I’m currently colour blind … cyan from the left eye and also red from the appropriate one.

★ Credits:
Generated, directed & animated by Laen Sanches
Music: “Nux Vomica” by The Veils
( P) 2006 Rough Trade Records Limited
Licensed courtesy of Rough Trade Records Limited
© 2010 Laen Sanches

★ TELEVISION Broadcast (2012-2013): Arte (FRA/ GER).

★ Awards.
Quality Prize 2013 – CNC.
Winner 2012 “Arte Prize – First 3D Stereoscopic Short” Premiers Plans Angers.
Winner 2012 “Music Video” classification – Black & White Festival (Porto).
Victor 2011 “Music Video” category – BAF Bradford Animation Festival.
Champion 2011 “Animation” category – Dimension 3 Film Festival (Paris).
Champion 2011 “3D Stereoscopic” category – Be Film Festival (New York).
Honorable Mention – LA 3D 8th Annual Movie Festival (Los Angeles).

★ Official Selections.
60+ Festivals in 25+ countries (incl. Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, Woodstock, Pictoplasma, Trickfilm, Arcipelago, M2M, Zagreb, Short Film Corner Cannes …).

★ Publication.
Stash Magazine # 74 November 2010.

★ Watch it in 2D right here: vimeo.com/13492236.

★ Tips for the very best 3D stereoscopic watching problems:.
– Use red & cyan anaglyph glasses.
– Switch to the Flash gamer rather of the HTML5 player.
– Distance to screen = approx. x 5 times the diagonal of the film.
– Dark setting or black history.
– Play it loud!

★ Contact for industrial job enquiries: www.linkedin.com/in/laen-sanches.

Squeezing Miss Daisy 2

https://vimeo.com/27297775!.?.!This is a story concerning retribution served

in 100 mph. Mr.Car is mad concerning last time, when Mr.Pole rammed with Mr.Car to hug Miss.Roadblock. Mr.Car desires his retribution, and who knows if Mr.Pole is going to save Miss.Roadblock this time.? Brought to life with: Realflow 5 (Carmesh simulation). Nitroblast c4d plugin (glasshatter and road debris). TurbulenceFD_C4D_v0-3-36le( Smoke simulation).
Inside Car as well as hood characteristics (Cinema dynamics).
Rendered with vrayforc4d and comped in after effects.