RED BTS: Miss Reef 2015!.?.!For over 30 years, Reef has celebrated summer with the Miss Reef Calendar. The yearly schedule has become well known for its coastlines, bikinis, and lovely ladies. To get to the base of just how Miss Reef became a browse neighborhood icon, RED went behind the scenes with the crew. Sight the full short article at

Kubrick’s missing footage from Clockwork Orange

An interview with Ron the movie man. Conducted as an audio test of a Samson C02 condenser microphone which was boomed just above his head.This microphone is a super cardioid and I was interested in qualities for indoor movie scenes. There are some noises in the background including a noisy Shi zhu dog, The off axis rejection seemed very effective, I had to turn up the volume in order to make my questions to Ron easily audible to the listener.
I thought you’d enjoy the interview, Sorry for the poor quality, the camera was hastily added as this was originally just an audio test. A Panosonic TZ7 Lumix was used with a Zoom H6 recorder, rode boom.