Missing Summer

https://vimeo.com/114549355!.?.!Hi People:–RRB-. I fired this Video on a Canon 6d with the SLR Magic Anamorphot 50 1.33 x. Taking lenses were Canon 40mm pancake f2.8 and 85mm f1.8. shot with a simple tripod and also my Hands. modified in Adobe premiere pro cs6. The SLR Magic Anamorphot is my really initial anamorphic lens
and i’m really delighted with it regrettably you can not go under 40mm on full Frame and also the canon 50mm f1.4 is vignetting hardly due to the fact that of the method it is construct. the City in this and also all my previous video clips is called basel Stadt and is situated in North of switzerland alongside the borders of Germany as well as france. i wish you enjoy!