Little Manny’s Missing!!.?.!A fun, five-minute stop-motion animation about a household of stuffed manatees. The youngster manatee( Little Manny )gets kidnapped as well as the mom as well as father manatees, along with some packed animal good friends, help rescue Little Manny and also bring him to safety and security.

MISSING (2010)

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA 2012( Second Prize, Academy. Barcelona International Sports Film Festival, Catalonia 2012 (Best Sport and also Solidarity. International Film and Audiovisual
Festival for Children kid Youth, Venezuela 2012( Best.
8. Brasil Stop Motion Festival, Brazil 2012 (Honorable Mention ). 9. Tehran International Short Film
Festival, Iran 2011( Special Mention Best Director in. Asia Award). 10. AnimFest Athens Animation Festival, Greece
2011 (Audience Award _ Student. Competition ). 11. Cambridge Student Film Festival, UK
2011 (Nominated Best Screenplay). 12. Tokyo Short Shorts International Film Festival and Asia, Japan 2011( Official. option, Academy Awards Qualifying Festival ).
13. Franco Arab Film Festival, Jordan 2010 (Best Jordanian Short Film ). 14. Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon 2010(
Best Third Short Arab).

LOUNGES // What a fair was missing!.?.!The video task developed for Lounges reveals the magic behind the perfect composition of stands, occasions, entertainment and also modern technology. Entering the amazing fair globe of Lounges every person is charmed, at every age.
Since a strong creativity can produce a fantastic reality. Special many thanks to the stores in Terni: L’Equilibrista as well as Ostili e Gardiolo for clothes, and also Quattroelle for playthings.

BFH: A Child Goes Missing!.?.!Through the support of Leadership Shelby County and also Video Visions, Blanket Fort Hope is pleased to launch its initial human trafficking avoidance education and learning video clip! We are permanently happy to Shelby County, Alabama for capturing the vision to aid inform this tale. This video clip was made by Alabamians for our youngsters and youth. The horrific crime of human trafficking is attacking the youngsters of Alabama, along with kids throughout the United States and world. As communities, we must inform ourselves and also our youngsters regarding human trafficking so that we can determine the signs and also safely intervene. We really hope that this video clip will certainly help educate households and pupils about the realities of this criminal activity. Our kids are worth fighting for, as well as there is expect them when we companion with each other! If you are interested in revealing or displaying this video clip for academic objectives, please get in touch with Blanket Fort Hope.

Missing Children Europe ‘Futures’ Campaign!.?.!Created with Webbit Film, this film promotes the European Hotline for Missing Children in Europe 116 000. The movie was aired on television in more than 7 countries in Europe.,,

America’s Missing Children!.?.!America’s Missing Children is a series of

several PSA commercials that are being created by Judah Smiles Film Group.