christmas // missing home, pt. II

christmas is probably my favourite day of the year. or rather – it is my favourite feeling of the year. staying up late to wrap all the presents while listening to frank sinatra, waking up early & getting a tree with dad, unwrapping the ornaments and decorating the house, helping mum prepare the most delicious dinner of the year, dressing up & eating in candlelight, and staying up late just appreciating that we can be together.

it’s late and it’s cold and i’m missing home <3

music by peekaboo

Be Here Now (Missing)!.?.!Re-creation of a picture done by Blaine Hogan at Willow Creek. This version has actually been somewhat customized to opt for River of Life’s Christmas 2012 solution. While the concept was drawn from the initial, this variation’s visuals were made totally from scratch and also the only reference of the original was the video clip in the link listed below. Music by Nate Yaccino The original can be seen right here:

BLINK, and yule miss it!!.?.!Oh, it’s that time of year again … Here’s a little something we did to want you all the most effective for this vacation season!Happy Holidays from BLINK! BLINK, as well as yule miss it!