THE MOMENTS I MISS!.?.!THE MOMENTS I MISS( FRENCH SUBTITLES). Avec: Bambi Northwood-Blyth et Yaniss Lespert. De: Thibaut Buccellato( D’après un texte original de: Keisha Blair( 3ème partie de la” Trilogie de la privacy “.

The room Between Us: The Universe And Me:
La perte de l’être aimé à travers le respect de Keisha Blair. Merci à Keisha Blair, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, à toute l’équipe qui
a rendu ce projet possible.

Scénario: Thibaut Buccellato. Maquilleuse Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Sun Seo.
Enregistrement Voix Off et Mixage son: Jean-Marc Thurier. Étalonnage: Clément Arenou et Yves Rollet.
Remerciements: Stéphane Leguay, Juliette Lebeault, Laurence Vasseur & Coralie Le Guernec( Hiventy ), RVZ, Andrea Besson, Nathalie Catanzano, Jean-Marc Thurier( TwoT Studio). Shot on 16mm. Thibaut Buccellato ©- 2019.

The Missing Chernobyl Diaries (2012) Title Sequence!.?.!Radiation: the covert fatality. Radiation isn’t always evident yet it can creep up and eliminate you gradually, sometimes also fast. All of it depends upon your level of exposure. This is the main principle behind my title sequence for the scary flick” Chernobyl Diaries”(2012) [] I created this title and also designed series in 2014 as a student job at Media Design School ( ). I drew ideas from the outstanding”True Detective”( 2014)title sequence ( the theme of fatality. It’s my first major After Effects task and also uses a great deal of 2D elements sourced from around the Internet and edited in Photoshop as well as some 3D developed in Cinema 4D. The track is used by permission from Kheger ( also is accordingly called”Chernobyl -Original Mix.”A big thanks to Stevan Petrovic( for his aid in obtaining the job off the ground.

MISSING!.?.!A fight that has actually raged on for 20 years. Ken as well as Laura live in the outer reaches of Scotland. In a tiny cottage looking over wandering hillsides. Ken has actually had Alzheimers for twenty years and unfortunately for Laura she has actually been his single carer. Without any help from the government, the NHS or perhaps household members. There love is solid and his health has actually deteriorated dramatically to the point where Laura can not deal any longer. What is following for her? Why can not see obtain help? This is an illness that no one recognizes, refuses to learn and prays and really hopes that it never ever influences them when they get old.