The Landlords – Canberra (I Miss You)!.?.!LIKE Jordan & Sam at Carried Out by Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr, shot by Benjamin Hamey. Crucial version of’ Benzie Box’ by Danger Doom, created by Danger Mouse. We do not own the civil liberties to this tune. You must get the album’ The Mouse And The Mask’ on iTunes. It’s amazing. The Landlords perform ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Brian’ at the 2013 You Are
Here festival, Canberra. March 20th, 7pm- The Phoenix Bar. March 23rd, 7.30 pm- Fletcher Jones.

You Will Be Missed (In Loving Memory of Steve Jobs)

Shot at the Apple Stores in Regent Street as well as Covent Garden, London. Whatever has actually been done, unnecessary
to sayState on a computer system the bitten apple, like every single solitary since because years … Goodbye Steve, you will certainly missed!

Missing (2011)

A stop-motion by Katy Cecchetti & Nick Krassowski. Completed with one week’s manufacture, 3 days of animating, as well as one day of editing and enhancing. Created to fit within a 60 second time limitation for

a competition sponsored competitors Reelz Channel and Porsche, this stop-motion was conceived, developed, shot, and edited as well as modified one week time period.

Distressed by his missing friend, the Monster finds as well as makes a new good friend that with love as well as relationship the magic of each day life is always something to be appreciated.

A Short – Hipster Henri Missing Waldo!.?.!Henri misses his buddy Waldo. He tackles his day and also recalls questioning where he is. Music from ArtList Filmed with Panasonic GH5 and also edited on Adobe Premiere Lenses: Veydra 16mm T2.2 Mini Prime Lens MFT Mount Veydra 25mm
T2.2 Mini
Prime Lens MFT Mount Veydra 35mm T2.2 Mini Prime Lens MFT Mount Veydra 50mm T2.2 Mini Prime Lens MFT Mount

Missing In Fiction!.?.!Missing In Fiction is a short film regarding

a young boy stuck in his very own fantasy. Because of the happenings around him he runs away right into a dream globe to avoid the ruthlessness of battle. In this fantasy the globe is an enjoyable area with Jugglers and also Showmen. Fact catches up with him … CREDITS Composed by Sebastian Simon as well as Jörg Gross Supervisor
/ Editor/ Visual Effects– Jörg Gross
Director of Photography/ Music/ Sound Design– Sebastian Simon ACTORS Kid– Mario Mossmann Papa– Armin Brotz Body Organ Grinder/ Radio Operator– Felix Löchel The “Get Away”- Soldier– Roman Ruf Juggler with Drums/ Machine Gunner– Marcel Melucci Juggler
with Long Coat/ Screaming General– Johannes Neumann Fire Juggler/ Soldier throwing Grenades– Manuel Baus
Missing out on In Fiction has been created as part of a Bachelor Thesis at

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University by Jörg Gross & Sebastian Simon in 2010. The brief movie was also generated in order to get involved in the competitors” Parallel
Lines” by Philips CinemaMovie theater ).

Missing Teaser (2013)!.?.!An intro for the upcoming docudrama concerning Hampshire Browse & Rescue. Music by the talented Emily Underhill,’ Lost in Me’, one

of the several musical talents who will showcase in the docudrama