I Miss Drugs-Episode 5-“Dude Night”

https://vimeo.com/51038570!.?.!Created by Nathaniel Boggess and also Jason

Eksuzian Starring Nathaniel Boggess as well as Brian Flynn Song:” Get in Your Square “by Romeo +Juliet Pay attention to them on Spotify and right here, http://romeoandjulietband.bandcamp.com

Little Manny’s Missing!

https://vimeo.com/1687067!.?.!A fun, five-minute stop-motion animation about a household of stuffed manatees. The youngster manatee( Little Manny )gets kidnapped as well as the mom as well as father manatees, along with some packed animal good friends, help rescue Little Manny and also bring him to safety and security.

I Miss Drugs-Episode 3-“Dinner Party”

https://vimeo.com/47149432!.?.!Created by Nathaniel Boggess as well as Jason

Eksuzian Starring Nathaniel Boggess and also Micki Grover Track:” Air Shanty” by Ramon and Jessica.
Utilized by permission and also readily available at http://www.portofrancorecords.com/albums-and-store/handymans-honeymoon/

BLINK, and yule miss it!

https://vimeo.com/33803570!.?.!Oh, it’s that time of year again … Here’s a little something we did to want you all the most effective for this vacation season!Happy Holidays from BLINK! BLINK, as well as yule miss it! http://www.blinkmediaworks.com/jinglebells/

I Miss Drugs-Episode 4-“Perfect Night”

https://vimeo.com/48569927!.?.!Created by Nathaniel Boggess as well as Jason

Eksuzian Starring Nathaniel Boggess and also Micki Grover Song;” Finest Kind” by Oweihops, made use of by permission Have a look at Oweihops below: http://www.yerbird.com/oweihops-albums/

MISSING EDGE | Winner of the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2017

https://vimeo.com/212762333!.?.!Team: Bustabowl Title: Missing Edge Prop: Jigsaw- We see a personality locate a jigsaw piece Dialogue:” If you twist it left and right it’ll at some point loosen as well as you can draw it entirely totally free “Scientific research: The world has actually quit expanding Web Content Warning: Contains suicide motif in the
context of an increased truth Bustabowl Films presents In organization with
Storm & Shelter A film by Josh Bennett Natalie Martins David Sykes Matthew Tindall Duncan Vicat-Brown
Richard Wallace

I Miss Drugs-Episode 2-“Simple Human”

Created by Nathaniel Boggess and Jason Eksuzian
Starring Nathaniel Boggess and Micki Grover
Song: “Pretty Girl” by Romeo+Juliet used with permission
Check out Romeo+Juliet here: http://romeoandjulietband.bandcamp.com/

Canceled project intro and more(sfx and VA missing!)

https://vimeo.com/5836376!.?.!-Please reviewed before viewing-. Hello everyone! What you will see below is introduction to my canceled Christmas job. It (no name yet) was supposed to be a full lenght comedy/adventure flick( around a hr or longer) with specialist voice acting, solely composed songs (absent in this sneak peek) and more.People consisted of in introductory credit scores do not exist, I’ve just placed random names there to see how it will certainly look =-RRB-. Furthermore I’ve rendered a tiny component of other job that I’ve been functioning on. A drama that would hopefully be a pretty huge action onward from The Demise, with it’s enhanced visuals( eventho I became worse COMPUTER now heh, obtained scorched 2 times from overheating while making it, needed to change parts )narration, little bit of voice acting and story with some suprises. In the footage shown there is a little lady however she is simply a 2nd plan personality, it’s not a tale regarding her. I’m informing you this so you won’t believe its one more” The Demise” =P. While watching it please bear in mind that these are simply small as well as insufficient alpha previews of big jobs, therefore you won’t comprehend what is going on. Oh yea, sorry for the lousy high quality, COMPUTER didn’t take care of much more. The factor I’m revealing you these bits is that lately I had a really harsh

time in my private life( common stuff, work crysis, lease not paid one more month =P )and also it does not seem to be obtaining any type of far better anytime quickly. Due to the fact that of this, I have no idea if I will ever before be able to complete them so I’ve chosen to submit what I’ve done so much while I still got the opportunity. This brief clip is for every one of you that motivated me to make even more motion pictures, by leaving excellent remarks, composing e-mails to me or simply seeing my machinima computer animations. What you simply saw/will see in this preview is thanks to you =-RRB-. Likewise, special thanks to everyone who donated their old PC parts and also few dollars for me, after screening of The Demise couple of months earlier in Second Life, and also to Ricky Grove who set up every little thing and also sent it to me by means of mail =-RRB-. Sorry that I could not do even more. I have assured as soon as, that my every next movie will be a big improvement over the last one and also I wish that this clip prooves that I’m a male of my word( eventho all you can compare there is visuals, due to the fact that it got no SFX yet, voice acting as well as it’s simply short component of complete film cut out from the center). I know I’ve dissapointed numerous individuals as well as I’m sorry concerning that, I love to make computer animations as well as I was doing all I can to finish this.
Your assistance really matters so if you like my videos and also would like me to complete them, do more as well as far better ones, share links to my videos to your pals or in your blogs. Perhaps it will assist me to obtain noticed by a person who can offer me a typical job, so I can proceed what I like to do (location does not issue). Many thanks for the assistance every person =-RRB-. All the most effective,. Daniel, aka Surgee. PS: By popular demand, after finishing these, I had “Unofficial Patch Trailer 2″( common title in the meantime) in
strategies, obtained some more insane ideas,

hehe. Another time I think =-RRB-. Music used:. Residence Alone( John Hughes) OST:. John Williams- Making The Plane. Big Wheel( Columbia Pictures) OST:. Danny Elfman- The Growing Montage. Danny Elfman- Sandras


Danny Elfman -Jennys Theme.
V for Vendetta (Warner Bros.) OST:

. Dario Marianelli- Valerie.
WALL-E (Pixar Animation Studios) OST:.
Thomas Newman – Worry Wait.
All songs tracks used in this video clip are the building of their respective proprietors. I’ve utilized very same method
here right here in The DemiseDeath so it’s
basicly tons of loads that Images’ve drawn in photoshop( using an utilizing =O ), exported to Sony Vegas and las vega there.

I additionally found out some 3d modelling to produce couple of things that I needed for the film (such as the sleigh or bunny). These are my first versions ever so they ain’t that fantastic. I additionally tried to not include way too much information to them to fit wow’s outdated graphics.