The Landlords – Canberra (I Miss You)!.?.!LIKE Jordan & Sam at Carried Out by Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr, shot by Benjamin Hamey. Crucial version of’ Benzie Box’ by Danger Doom, created by Danger Mouse. We do not own the civil liberties to this tune. You must get the album’ The Mouse And The Mask’ on iTunes. It’s amazing. The Landlords perform ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Brian’ at the 2013 You Are
Here festival, Canberra. March 20th, 7pm- The Phoenix Bar. March 23rd, 7.30 pm- Fletcher Jones.

YARLI ALLISON: Missing Chicken_Assembling with Open Mouths

A short movie by Yarli Allison. Funded and also sustained by New Spaces 2018,
Northern Ireland Visual Artists

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Missing Man Formation

The development does find its birth in World War I. The Missing Man formation in the United States was still seldomly used till the Second Indochina War, Vietnam, Laos and also Cambodia when the public at big captured its first peek. Aerial demo squadrons have actually now adopted the development and do it during ritualistic events such as National POW-MIA Recognition Day, Memorial Day, during funeral services and at interrment of repatriated remains of Prisoners of War and also Missing in Action.