Spur: The Missing Partner

This installation in our series about the vigilante cowboy SPUR adheres to detective Vincent Graham as he continues to dig up information concerning the mystical crime boxer, leading him to uncover the man’s family as well as bane. The film features stars Kyle Gerkin, Michael Hanelin, Amy Searcy, Seth Gandrud, Gabrielle Van Buren, Kristi Lawrence, Dave Knight, Jim Holland, and also Liam Hawley. SPUR was created as well as guided by James Alire and also Travis Mills.

Miss Barton’s Famous Cakes

On a stormy night, two detectives come knocking on Miss Barton’s door to discuss dark matters surrounding her world-famous cakes.

Written & Directed and Edited by Jared Hirsch and Nelson Vicens
Starring Lauren LaVera, Michael Doherty and Charlie McElveen
Cinematography by Gino Varisano
Music by Connor Griffin
Color by Jason Druss
Sound by Jesse Kennedy
Executive Producers- Peter Moller, Douglas Volk, Christine Volk
Assistant Director- Jon Carson
Produced by Natassia Kuronen
Production Design by Brynn Hacket
Wardrobe by Hannah Thomases
Gaffer- Zachary Van Heel
Key Grip- Kevin Gallagher

Philadelphia Film Festival Official Selection
Edmonton International Film Festival Tastiest Food Film
D.C Shorts International Film festival Official Selection
Moscow Shorts Best Short Film
That Film Festival Finalist

Viral Fundraising Video No. 1 – Missing

https://vimeo.com/23388028!.?.!This is a viral fundraising video for the feature film Congratulations! created by Fake Wood Wallpaper. We require your help raising money to produce the film.

Even$ 1 is enjoyed and also welcome! Aid locate movie theater!

YARLI ALLISON: Missing Chicken_Assembling with Open Mouths

A short movie by Yarli Allison.
http://www.YarliAllison.com Funded and also sustained by New Spaces 2018,
Northern Ireland Visual Artists

Ireland [

Bermuda Triangle: My Missing Family

An airplane from London that simply vanished -without caution and without ever before being located. Now, a family member of 3 of the missing out on is heading back to Bermuda to get

answers. Shot on area in Bermuda, Canada and also the UK, the documentary is a distinct insight right into one of the best plane secrets of the 20th century.