I’ll Miss You Someday

https://vimeo.com/loulaza/imys!.?.!I’ll Miss You Someday Directed & Edited by Louis Lazaris Produced by Takis Films & Black Cannon Films Written by Alessandra Ferreri DOP, Color Correction & Original Score by Bryan Wilkat
Both Addison and also Ellis can not be any kind of less passionate concerning their upcoming blind date, however to appease their anxious close friends, the two make a decision to offer it a shot. When the conversation transforms to the past, Addison shows Ellis that regrets aren’t indicated to be quit indicators on the road onward, that at some factor whatever you make a decision on is an expansion of self, including broken hearts and humiliating tattoos. Enough to delay dinner for a quick beer in the park and also an opportunity at uncovering if there truly can be something special waiting to trigger in between complete strangers.

Diana iremashvili “missing” დიანა ირემაშვილი “მონატრება”


GenErik – Giorgio is Missing (Daft Punk vs Everything But the Girl)

https://vimeo.com/erikveland/daftpunk!.?.!Happy Daft Punk day! To commemorate, below’s my video clip

for my fresh mashup of Daft Punk’s Giorgio by Moroder with Everything But the Girl’s Missing. It utilizes video footage from Björk’s All is Full
of Love routed by Chris Cunningham, the located video footage brief”Robbie “by Neil Harvey, as well as video footage of the recent Annular solar eclipse in Pilbara, Australia fired by Colin Legg. Together they develop a melancholic tale of robot longing, love as well as dishonesty.