Missed call (short film 2015)

Short movie composed as well as directed by Ignacio Rodó as well as Klea Marković. Starring Mirjana Marković and Graham Roberts.
Cineminuto Córdoba( Argentina 2015).

Ideal Short Love Story. Los Angeles World International Film Festival (USA 2016). Ideal Short Humor Film. Movie Theater Los Angeles (USA 2016).
Singapore World International Film Festival( Singapore 2016). Malta International Film Festival( Malta 2016 ). Eurovision Palermo Film Festival( Italy 2016).
Event do Minuto( Brazil 2015).

Cineminuto Córdoba (Argentina 2015
). Västerås Filmfestival( Sweden 2015).
The Just A Minute Festival (USA 2015).
London Shows International Film Festival( UK 2015). Celebration Metropolitano de Cineminuto (Mexico 2015). One Minute Festival Greenfield (USA 2015).
Movie Festival (Pakistan 2016). Celebration Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes ABC (Spain 2016). Almería Creative Commons Films Festival
( Spain 2016).
One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau( Switzerland 2016 ). Los Angeles World International Film Festival( USA 2016 ). One Take Film Festival (Croatia 2016). Singapore World International Film Festival( Singapore 2016 ). Malta International Film Festival( Malta 2016). Movie Theater New York City (USA 2016).
Eurovision Palermo Film Festival( Italy 2016). Celebration de Cortos Penca
( Argentina 2017). Kiev Film Festival( Ukraine 2016). Amsterdam Film Festival Awards
( Netherlands 2017). Cinemagic London( UK 2016).

#19 – The Missing and the Lost

https://vimeo.com/278686645!.?.!A group of people fulfill weekly to

try to chat to the dead.$5.00 Shorts is a bi-weekly series of short films, each created under$5.” The Missing and the Lost “is brief # 19.

canon hv30 short film “MIssing” , final cut express

https://vimeo.com/9494146!.?.!I shot this utilizing my canon hv30 and afterwards modified utilizing final cut reveal, the film does not truly have a collection story its even more of a story where you comprise your very own idea of whats taking place so any type of input on what your take on the tale is would certainly be welcome. I know what i desired when capturing and editing however im not gon na say otherwise it affects your suggestion of what your viewing, i like the idea of individuals taking a
film as well as creating their own tale around what they see. Many thanks for watchin please price as well as subribe.


https://vimeo.com/349665834!.?.!THE MOMENTS I MISS( FRENCH SUBTITLES). Avec: Bambi Northwood-Blyth et Yaniss Lespert. De: Thibaut Buccellato( www.thibautbuccellato.fr). D’après un texte original de: Keisha Blair( http://www.keishablair.com/). 3ème partie de la” Trilogie de la privacy “.

The room Between Us: https://vimeo.com/195924104. The Universe And Me: https://vimeo.com/237735665.
La perte de l’être aimé à travers le respect de Keisha Blair. Merci à Keisha Blair, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, à toute l’équipe qui
a rendu ce projet possible.

Scénario: Thibaut Buccellato. Maquilleuse Bambi Northwood-Blyth: Sun Seo.
Enregistrement Voix Off et Mixage son: Jean-Marc Thurier. Étalonnage: Clément Arenou et Yves Rollet.
Remerciements: Stéphane Leguay, Juliette Lebeault, Laurence Vasseur & Coralie Le Guernec( Hiventy ), RVZ, Andrea Besson, Nathalie Catanzano, Jean-Marc Thurier( TwoT Studio). Shot on 16mm. Thibaut Buccellato ©- 2019.

Miss Her | short film | trailer (60sec)

https://vimeo.com/365398289!.?.!When a lonely female finds a curious concern created on a cafe wall surface, she decides to reply, beginning a not likely document with a total unfamiliar person. When she lastly asks to meet, it’s the last individual she ever expected however someone she recognizes far better than any individual.

Missing You? (6:01) – writ/prod/dir/edit by Andrew Ching

https://vimeo.com/filmneye/missingyou!.?.!A hybrid of motion picture story and also initial

tune, this film is regarding a Co-Dependent pair who discover what it suggests for them to spend a week apart. I composed, produced, modified this film & routed, which was inspired
by an initial song by the San Francisco band Third Date (key-boards by Beverly Kaeintz). The Cinematographer on this film is the incomparable Ben Ferrer.
The movie stars Chris Ahlman, Rachel Jendrzejewski & Victor LaRosa.