Squeezing Miss Daisy 2

https://vimeo.com/27297775!.?.!This is a story concerning retribution served

in 100 mph. Mr.Car is mad concerning last time, when Mr.Pole rammed with Mr.Car to hug Miss.Roadblock. Mr.Car desires his retribution, and who knows if Mr.Pole is going to save Miss.Roadblock this time.? Brought to life with: Realflow 5 (Carmesh simulation). Nitroblast c4d plugin (glasshatter and road debris). TurbulenceFD_C4D_v0-3-36le( Smoke simulation).
Inside Car as well as hood characteristics (Cinema dynamics).
Rendered with vrayforc4d and comped in after effects.


The course’s subject was” The Mad Scientist”.” Missing Piece” is drivened towards quiet slapstick such as Buster Keaton’s works, however it utilizes themes of later horror garbage flicks of the 50’s as well as 60’s.” Missing Piece” is my first imaginary instructions job and also provided me
a lot whole lot experiences, like working functioning actorsStars organizing arranging of the production manufacturing doing the postproduction stuffThings