I Miss You – A short film

A short horror film about missing someone.

Director/ DoP: Louyse Gerardo
Screen Play: Jorge Barros

With: Carlye Lima, Ricardo Marcelino

Audio Credits:

“Come Play with Me” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

“Bump in the Night” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Bird Meets Dog ” by Moby courtesy of Mobygratis.com

Bermuda Triangle: My Missing Family

An airplane from London that simply vanished -without caution and without ever before being located. Now, a family member of 3 of the missing out on is heading back to Bermuda to get

answers. Shot on area in Bermuda, Canada and also the UK, the documentary is a distinct insight right into one of the best plane secrets of the 20th century.

Missing You – 2013 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project

https://vimeo.com/itdonnedonme/missingyou!.?.!Two’s firm, three’s a. problem! IDOM’s main entry right into the 2013 San Jose
48 Hour Film Project. Champion- Best Acting in a Female Role (Johanna Mattox ), Best Acting in a Male Role (Willy Appelman), and also Best Direction; Nominated for Best Picture. Songs by brokenkites: http://hollowscene.com Created

totally in between 7pm on Friday, July 26th as well as 11pm on
Saturday, July 27th 2013- a lot of our team was active Sunday, so our goal was to end up entirely on Saturday. We really obtained a suitable evening’s sleep on Friday -real time invested servicing the movie, from idea to conclusion, was just 18 hrs! Called for Elements: Character: Michael or Marissa Loy, Researcher Prop: A Barbecue Utensil Line of Dialogue:”

She didn’t have to resemble that.” Style: Thriller/Suspense Technology: Shot on a Canon C100 to ProRes by means of Atmos Ninja 2( Johanna) as well as Canon 5DmkII( Willy).
Key illumination on Johanna by means of F&V R-300 LED ringlight.


https://vimeo.com/12477897!.?.!A cops crime scene photographer sees pictures in her head. She does not know why. The pictures are her projections says her specialist. Is he right? Or is there greater than meets the eye. Shot making use of a mix of Canon 7d, Canon Xsi as well as HVX200 with a RedRock adapter. MISSING CREDITS ACTORS
Police Officer Sophia D. Lynch– Ceci Walken Specialist– Mark McGrath

Detective– Coier Amerson Forensics Officer– Luan Hyunh
Little Girl in Shoes– Kyla Le Crew
Executive Producers Luan Hyunh Chris Wojtylko Ricardo Lopez Producer
Coier Amerson Screenplay by Christopher Wojtylko John Stavast Coier Amerson Directed by Christopher Wojtylko Supervisor

of Photography Ricardo Lopez
” Waiting”.
” Buzzcut “.
Alexander C.

Stardust Music.


Thank You
to Mark McGrath.


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