Red Miss Take!.?.!Hi all. Red Miss Take is our graduation task at Albert Jacquard university college, done by me as well as my schoolmate Manuel Adams. Credit scores: Raimond Teilis( Concept/Design,

Storyboard, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, SFX, Montage Manuel Adams Lightning, Render, VFX, Postwork, Modeling
, Texturing, Animation Music by David Jean’s Nokerman Software program used: 3ds Max, Vray, FumeFX, Realflow, Fusion, Soundforge, Vegas, PhotoShop

Squeezing Miss Daisy!.?.!This short film is concerning people discovering themselves between a rock and also a hard location. A nasty circumstance to be in. Or. Maybe a sweet little story about mr.Pole and his new sweetheart miss.RoadBlock. They intend to hug, however the silly is entering their method. Given birth to with: Real Flow 5( Soft body simulation Car).

Modynamics C4D( Asphalt separating). Dpit Simple Particles.
VrayForC4D. After Effects.
Influenced by a short movie by useruser: