Wildboyz ft. Ameerah – The Sound Of Missing You [HD]

https://vimeo.com/62834037!.?.!Realizacja: http://www.netkado.pl Nieoficjalny teledysk do utworu Wildoboyz ft. Ameerah- The Sound of Missing You. Zdjęcia realizowane w Mińsku (Białoruś ), Barcelonie( m.in. zdjęcia z meczu Barcelona-Osasuna 27.01.13- wykorzystany w teledysku gol Messiego )i Warszawie. Wykorzystany sprzęt i oprogramowanie:- Canon 5d mark II- Obiektywy: FLEKTOGON MC vehicle 35mm 2.4, Canon 50mm 1.8

– Blue display w domowych warunkach- Profil kolorów: Technicolor CineStyle- Montaż: FCP 7.0- Dodatkowe oprogramowanie: Magic Bullet Lut Buddy 1.0, Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 ——————– Manufacturing: http://www.netkado.pl Cover songs video clip for the song by Wildoboyz ft. Ameerah
– The Sound of Missing You( orginal track
utilized). The singer in video is not a real singer. The scenes were shot in Minsk( Belarus), Warsaw( Poland )and also Barcelona( among others you can

find scenes from the football match FC Barcelona- CA Osasuna which occurred on 27.01.13 along with Messi’s goal). Devices as well as software program made use of:- Canon 5d mark II- Lenses: FLEKTOGON MC car 35mm 2.4, Canon 50mm 1.8 -Blue screen- Color account: Technicolor CineStyle- Film editing: FCP 7.0 -Additional software: Magic Bullet Lut Buddy 1.0, Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 We do not have legal rights to this track.

Missing You -a Short Film for Rachelle

https://vimeo.com/1335157!.?.!-Missing You-‘ I love you like I love rice’ ~ Nikko.
Directed by: Louie Neil Perez.
I made use of an

HV30 & TwoneilHD 35mm adapter.

Shot in Montreal on a wonderful sunset afternoon at St. Laurence river. Music is’ Childhood ‘by Matti Paalanen, imaginative commons permit.